Facebook for Real Estate in 30mins a day or LESS

$2,196.70 ex. GST

Facebook for Real Estate in 30mins a day or LESS



30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If at any time in the first 30 days, you decide for whatever reason, this training isn’t suitable for you, simply send us and email and we’ll refund your payment immediately!




What’s in the modules?

Module 1 – Facebook marketing fundamentals

Learn the basics of ad creation and how to make sure your ads reach the people most likely to take the action you wish them to take. This is the fundamentals of Facebook marketing and with this module alone, you will improve your return on your investment.

Module 2 – Ad Creation and Targeting

Learn how to target your ads to maximum effect. Did you know you can specifically target homeowners and investors. This module will show you how to target the people you REALLY want to get in front of in your farm area.

Module 3 – Targeting & Growing your client base

You already have a database….imagine if you could appear in their Facebook feed every day. This module will show you exactly how to do that. But it doesn’t stop there….this module will show you how to take your database and use it to find the 1%-10% of the Australian population who are statistically most like your current clients! In other words, this module show you how to find the people who are statistically most likely to be your next clients!

Module 4 – Marketing to your target market via custom and saved audiences

After Module 3, you’ve found the people most likely to be your next clients and Module 4 shows you how to market to them.

Module 5 – The importance of video on Facebook

Video on Facebook is an absolute powerhouse! Did you know that you can build an audience of people who’ve watched 3s, 10s, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% or 100% of your videos and then remarket to them? Video allows your potential clients to show interest through their actions and allows you to remarket to those interested parties with a cracking offer!

Module 6 – Retargeting your video ad

You’ve learned the power of video in Module 5, now it’s time to put that power into action and put that cracking offer in front of the people who’ve put their hand up and said “Hey I’m interested!”

Module 7 – Creating your retargeting ads

You’ll learn how to build your retargeting ads, what type of ad to use for maximum effect and how to target them to create the best possible results.

Module 8 – Building your audience through likes

Likes USED to be a vanity metric, they looked good but were essentially just fuel for ones ego. Now they’re one of the most powerful weapons you have and this module shows you how to build your likes both paid AND using a FREE tactic taught to me by Facebook themselves!

Module 9 – Retargeting people who engage with your page

They’re YOUR people! They’re already engaging and demonstrating their interest through action! Take the path of least resistance and target the people who already “LIKE” you!

Module 10 – Pixel what is it and how do you install it

The most powerful tool in your Facebook marketing arsenal. This will literally let you target people who’ve visited a property on your website and invite them to open homes OR market every other similar property to them and soo much more!

Module 11- Creating an Audience based off Pixel

Now you know it’s power, it’s time to put that power into action for you!

Module 12 – Creating a custom conversion

Teach Facebook to get the result that are most profitable for you! Yes, you can actually teach Facebook what counts and is most profitable for you and then Facebook will optimize ads to find people most likely to turn into profit!

Module 13 – Mastering Facebook Live

You go live and Facebook will tell all your friends and followers to tune in, it’s definitely something worth mastering and a very very powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, this is how to use it properly!

Module 14 – The 6 Components of Viral Content

Going viral is like winning the lotto, but if you understand what makes content go viral, you can use those attributes in your ads and they’ll be vastly more effective! For Check My House Price, these components added $170,000,000 worth of extra leads to the books in just 12 months.

Module 15 – The Listing Funnel

Using all of the skill you’ve learned so far, we’ll create a marketing campaign to not just find buyers for a property but get them to the open home and convert them into a sale…..without a portal in sight!


Bonus Modules:

Bonus Module 1 – The Ultimate Digital Patch Funnel

A self-fuelling prospecting engine that generates ongoing leads with minimal input from you. This is the step by step walk through on how to set it up!

Bonus Module 2 – Buyer & Seller Domination

Every buyer, every seller that visits your website becomes part of your re-marketing audience and this process will mean you are able to market to them, properties and offers repeatedly until they list with you or buy a property!

Bonus Module 3 – Flood the open home strategy

Every buyer that comes into an area looking for a property similar to your listing will not just see your listing, but be invited to the open home. Even buyers who are visiting your competitors opens….need I say more?


Bonus Module 4 – The straight shooting appraisal funnel

It’s straight forward, it’s no frills and it works! The straight up appraisal lead generator funnel.

Bonus Module 5 – Appraisal Apocalypse & Listing Lunacy

It’s got frills, finesse and class. It’s the ultimate weapon in generating appraisal and listing leads. Here’s the step by step, video walk through and it’ll take you less than 30 minutes to set up!