The biggest mistake that businesses make on Facebook is Boosting Bad!

Sure, you get likes, comments and shares, but you’re missing out on sales and profit!

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You’re not alone, most businesses have been boosting bad and wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars on boosted posts that were just never going to work!

How so?
Well, a boosted post is optimised by Facebook to target what is called an “engagement audience” not a conversion or action taking audience.

But it’s all good!
In my latest training video, I walk you through, step by step, the process of how to take your boosted posts and turn them into a MASSIVELY PROFITABLE Asset.

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  • The mistake most businesses are making boosting on Facebook
  • What a boosted post is actually designed to do
  • When you should use a boosted post
  • How to save the day and turn boosting bad into an asset
  • How to implement good boosting strategy
  • How to use boosted posts to generate sales

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